Our Rooms (Smoking and Non-Smoking Available)

All of our spacious rooms have cable TV, telephone, wireless internet, air conditioning, coffee maker with coffee, microwave, refrigerator and alarm clock, as well as main room heat and separate bathroom heat.  On the covered walkway are 2 rocking chairs and a table in front of every room.

Rooms 11-18 feature two double beds and large tile shower.

Rooms 19-22 & 28 feature full tub and shower, one double and one queen bed.

Room 25 & 29 feature a king size bed, full tub and shower, recliner, table and chairs.

Rooms 26 & 27 are full efficiencies with one double bed, one queen bed, full tub and shower, table and chairs, microwave, refrigerator, stove, sink, coffee and coffee maker, toaster, dishes and pots and pans.  Room 27 is full handicapped accessible.



Room 29